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Control access to your site with our perimeter security products. Setting up fencing and other perimeter security tools will enable you to control, restrict, and monitor the manner in which people and vehicles enter your site.

We offer portable temporary fencing options which can create a secure 6-foot high border around your whole site, or designated areas. Our security gates can also block off you entranceways, hallways, loading docks and garages. Turnstiles can efficiently manage the flow of people entering your site. For more serious security concerns, hand-held or walk-through metal detectors can check every person entering your facility.

Welded Wire Panels

Welded wire panels secure your job site from unauthorized access with an easy to setup and highly visible perimeter patrol welded wire fence package. We offer the strongest, highest quality welded wire panels in the industry. With our innovative processes and experienced personnel, we have accumulated a roster of satisfied high-profile customers.


Turnstiles are used at many sites for the dual purposes of attendance accuracy and crowd control. If you need to verify the accuracy of your attendance information, or provide an orderly method of ticketed entry to your site, turnstiles give you accurate information and increase safety at your site. The Tamis Corporation offers a broad...

Metal Detectors

Our hand-held and walk-through metal detectors will help security personnel in their efforts to keep a site or event safe. Used at many airports and major public events, these detectors identify weapons and other metal objects.

Security Gates

Our steel folding security gates are used at various sites to secure areas such as hallways, doors, or entranc eways. Sometimes referred to as "scissor gates" or "accordion gates", these gates give you the ability to close or lock off an area, while maintaining visibility into the area, and air circulation throughout that area.

Plastic Chain

We offer a wide array of decorative plastic chain products in various styles and colors. Select from bulk chain, reel chain, pail chain, plastic ground poles, plastic chain stakes, and plastic posts and chains. Plastic chain is perfect for creating plastic fencing, sectioning off outdoor seating, defining a backyard, or adding various aesthetic touches.

Pedestrian Barriers

Easy to handle and store, our plastic crowd control barriers are a colorful, lightweight alternative to steel barriers. In addition to being used for crowd control and line management, they are sometimes used in parking lots and on streets in lieu of traffic cones.