Continuous Barrier Jacket Design Saves the Day at the Wizard World Tour

Wizard World produces Comic Con and Pop Culture events that tour all across North America. Their conventions celebrate graphic novels, comic books, TV shows, movies, gaming, technology, toys and social networking! These events often feature celebrities (from TV and movies, artists, writers, etc) to help draw crowds. They also tend to host exciting and exclusive content such as premiers, gaming tournaments, panels, and costume contests!

An Example of a Continuous Barricade Tamis Corp created for the Wizard World Tour

An Example of a Continuous Barricade Tamis Corp created for the Wizard World Tour

Touring a big event, like Wizard World, requires a lot of logistics and planning. Different facilities in different cities will offer different equipment such as varying sizes of crowd control barricades. Barrier jackets are usually cut to fit an exact size barricade with specific hooking systems. To avoid the cost of printing all of these designs on a bunch of different barrier jacket sizes “just in case” – Tamis Corporation has designed a solution!

wizard world continuous barrier jacket

The Continuous Barrier Jacket is a one-size-fits-all solution. You can cut costs of a tour, like Wizard World, by printing a single set of barrier jacket designs that will lay over any size crowd control barricade.

The Continuous Barrier Jacket:

  • Covers both the barrier frame and hooks
  • Increases the potential size of message
  • Includes hook and loop strips used on both ends

wizard world continuous barrier jacket


The Wizard World was more than pleased with this solution to their touring troubles. The Continuous Barrier Jacket made it easy to create an atmosphere that represented their brand and helped immerse their fans! The barrier covers are easy to pack up, move, and fit to any size barricade and locking system.

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Author: Alexis Gorenz

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