Marine Belt Stanchions Come Through For Disney Cruise

Weather Resistant Marine Application Posts Stand Up to Adverse Conditions on Disney Cruise Ships

Disney Cruise Line, based out of Orlando, Fl, was faced with a difficult problem in the summer season of 2011. They had outfitted their international commercial cruise ships with an impressive water slide that protrudes over the deck. An attraction this thrilling and unique is sure to draw a crowd, leading to an immediate need for a retractable belt stanchion queue line.

Disney Cruise Water Slide Needed Weather Resistant Belt Stanchions

Disney Cruise Water Slide Needed Weather Resistant Belt Stanchions

Weather Resistant Marine Application Post

Weather Resistant Marine Application Post

Disney soon found out that the common belt post is not built to withstand the adverse conditions of a cruise ship on the open ocean. Constant subjection to chlorine, salt water, and other corrosives left rust marks on the floor boards of the deck where the stanchions were positioned.

This led their purchasing department to reach out to the Tamis Corporation for a solution. Working closely with manufacturing and research and development departments, Tamis designed a powder coated reinforced belt stanchion, engineered to endure the harshest environmental conditions without sacrificing aesthetic appearance.

The result is our Marine Application Post. This 38″ high stainless steel post is painted with a super durable powder coat finish allowing for superior gloss, color retention, and good storage stability.

Disney Cruise initially installed these Marine Post stanchions on their Germany cruise ship in June of 2011 and have since extended their inventory to the entire fleet. The Marine Post is manufactured in the stock post colors of black, gray, white, blue and, red – Disney, however, opted for a custom finish of their interfine white color to match their ship’s decor.

Since the introduction of the Marine Post in 2011, the Tamis Corporation has provided them to other cruise lines, outdoor speedways, construction sites, and several other weather adverse environments. As of the publication of this article, the initial posts purchased by Disney Cruise have been in constant use for four years with 100% effectiveness and no rust issues.

Other Uses for Marine Application Post:

  • Cruise Ships and Ports
  • Playgrounds
  • Amusement Parks
  • Agricultural
  • Construction Sites
  • Beach Resorts


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Author: Eric Mayhue

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