Electronic Queueing Systems

In its simplest terms an Electronic Queuing System is designed to reduce crowds, wait time, and lines through the use of remote devices. Many times in crowded areas like restaurants, airports, banks, etc. lines and bottlenecks can accumulate quickly. In this situation one person’s frustration can spread like a disease. Since it is generally not cost effective to companies to hire enough staff that everyone can be serviced quickly, they employ the use of electronic queuing systems. These allow a person to wait for their turn without the discomfort of standing in line with other people.

This adds two major benefits. First, people are able to find other comfortable areas to await their service or are free to roam within considerable distance. This makes wait time much more bearable and customers are able to accomplish other tasks or visit points of interest in the meantime.

Secondly, this adds a psychological benefit. Customers waiting in lines can become extremely irritated when they see how many other people are in front of them and realize how long they are going to be waiting. With electronic queuing systems the person usually cannot see how many people are queued in front of them thus eliminated the stress of being further down the line.

Author: Eric Mayhue

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