PEZ Museum Dispenses Sweet Line Management

The recently-opened PEZ Museum and Visitors Center in Orange,Connecticut has found a unique way to integrate the crowd management of its visitors with the visual impact of the brightly-colored, world famous PEZ candy packaging.

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The museum purchased Tensaclear portable posts from the Tamis Corporation.  These clear, hollow plastic posts (which connect to each other with retractable belts) not only direct visitors and block off designated areas, but they promote the PEZ brand by housing the familiar pink, red, purple, orange, and yellow packages of PEZ candy.

Opened in December 2011, the visitor center decided upon the Tensaclear posts instead of more traditional line management posts because the novelty of having PEZ-filled posts fit in perfectly with the theme of the museum, explained Visitor Center Manger Shawn Peterson.

The PEZ-filled Tensaclear posts are used inside the center’s front door to direct visitors to the ticket window, and also within the museum where they keep visitors a few feet away from a display of vintage PEZ vending machines.  The posts and retractable belts were also used to control public access at the site’s March 13, 2012 dedication ceremony which was attended by Connecticut Governor Daniel P. Malloy.

Covering nearly 6,000 square feet, the museum features a large exhibit of PEZ memorabilia, a viewing area into the PEZ production floor, interactive exhibits, and a display of the world’s largest PEZ dispenser. The museum projects that it will welcome 88,000 visitors per year.

Tensaclear posts, available from the Tamis website, combine the functionality of standard Tensabarrier posts with the opportunity to display promotional items such as candy, coffee beans, lotto balls, or gumballs.


Author: Eric Mayhue

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