Novel Uses of Plastic Chain

When thinking of how plastic chain is used, it is easy to list the obvious. Because of its weather-resistant quality, plastic chain barriers are often used to block off construction sites. Restaurants and outdoor bars use plastic chain to section off outdoor seating for that very same reason. Countless parks, driveways, and gardens are all typical sites at which plastic chain is used. Plastic chain has proven to be a very versatile product at events from concerts to graduation ceremonies.

However, there are several additional uses for plastic chain that are not so obvious or common. For instance, plastic chain products have been a component of many Halloween costumes for years. Theatre productions have used plastic chain as props, taking advantage of their light weight and durability. Highlighted below are three unusual, but very creative and effective, uses of plastic chain.

Many garden enthusiasts have utilized colored plastic chain to accent the beauty of their gardens. What about using plastic chain to accent the beauty of… yourself? The popularity of plastic chain jewelry has grown exponentially over the last decade. This growth in popularity can mainly be attributed to the variety of colors plastic chain is available in, as well as the lighter weight and comfort plastic chain has over metal jewelry. There are many websites and kits dedicated to teaching people how to make and design plastic chain jewelry. Two interesting examples of how the same plastic chain available at has been used as jewelry are a popular necklace available each year at Michigan’s National Cherry Festival and the trademark giant chain necklace worn by former lightweight UFC champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

Plastic chain is for the birds! The bird lovers at Birdie Britches take that statement literally. They create intriguing and unique toys designed to keep birds entertained for hours. “Toys should be intriguing to the birds, but also pleasing to their owners,” said owner Lisa McManus. That’s where plastic chain comes in. Birdie Britches utilizes the same products available at to hang these colorful toys and feeding dishes in an attractive fashion. Although humans and birds typically disagree on diet, sleeping habits, and bathroom etiquette, it appears we may have found some common ground in plastic chain.

It is not uncommon to associate plastic chain with safety. Many use chain fences to block off hazardous areas or to inform people in the surrounded area with an attached “wet floor” or the dreaded “beware of dog” sign. Well, some creative workers at Energy Northwest, a public energy resource in Richland, Washington, have come up with a new safety use for plastic chain products. They noticed that the Mr.Clips included in their plastic chain order were large enough to clip on the thick wires protruding from the semi-conductors and lining the floor. They also noticed that these clips were very sturdy, very colorful, and very noticeable. They came up with a color system to mark off which wires are safe to touch and which ones you should watch out for. Since then two other power plants have ordered Mr.Clip products from for that very same purpose.

While the vast majority of our orders are for uses like sectioning off a garden, construction site, or driveway, it is clear that there are far more applications for plastic chain. Whether it’s draped around your neck, alerting you to a dangerous wire, or hanging in your bird cage plastic chain can be very useful. Who knows what plastic chain will be used for next?

Author: Eric Mayhue

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