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Tamis Corporation Launches Brand New Website for Plastic Water-filled Barriers and Related Traffic Safety Products

Pittsburgh, PA April 17, 2014 – Tamis Corporation has recently launched a brand new website,, specifically focused on plastic barriers and related traffic safety products. Its modern design and functionality provides users with an optimized experience on both mobile devices and today’s browsers.

Organization of products makes the new website extremely user-friendly. Products are grouped into separate categories based on their design and intended use, making it easy for visitors to narrow purchase options depending on their needs. The site also highlights the best products available for specific industries. Product recommendations and popular purchases for speedways, airports, the construction industry, and more are included to make research as easy as possible.

The new website provides an in-depth description of each item, which includes ideal uses, specifications, and color availability. For products with different models, an on-screen spreadsheet shows specifications side-by-side, allowing users to easily compare offerings. Clickable thumbnail images also show these same specifications with a visual of the product. Look for spec sheets of each product to be available for direct download in the near future.

Furthermore, a simple information request form can be accessed on the site. When completed, a Tamis representative will contact you with further details based around your specific project needs. For users desiring immediate contact, the website also includes a chat function that will quickly connect you with a qualified representative.

Visit the new, and allow Tamis Corporation to help you keep your next event organized and safe.

About Tamis Corporation:

The Tamis Corporation is a multi-divisional manufacturing and distribution company with a focus on providing a wide range of crowd control, traffic safety, event management, and other products. Since being founded in 1983, they have developed several brand name products, such as Blockader and Queue Lines, which have served numerous corporate clients. Their emphasis on customer service and high-quality products has resulted in long-term success, with over 80% of orders at Tamis coming from repeat customers. For more information, visit their website

Author: Eric Mayhue

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