New Reflective Post Stanchions Provide Increased Night-Time Visibility

The effectiveness of retractable belt stanchions depends on their visibility.  People must be able to clearly see these portable posts (with retractable belts) in order for them to serve their purpose of blocking off no access areas or establishing line space.

The visibility of these stanchions and their belts is rarely an issue during daylight.  But later in the day, people may still encounter stanchions in darker or low-light settings.  To help make stanchions more visible at night, a new product, the Reflective Retractable Belt Stanchion, is now available from the Tamis Corporation.

SafetyMaster Reflective Posts in Partial Darkness - Increasing Visibility and Safety

New SafetyMaster Reflective Retractable Belt Posts Increase Visibility and Safety

This reflective post – with an accompanying reflective retractable belt – was developed in response to requests from sites which needed added visibility for their stanchions in order to reduce any confusion about what areas patrons should – and shouldn’t – be accessing or gathering into during evening or nighttime hours. Posts and belts that are more clearly visible can help reduce a site’s liability, and protect property in restricted areas.

These new stanchions feature a reflective post wrap which covers the entire height of the stanchion, from its top to its base.  The retractable belt which attaches between posts also features a reflective stripe.  To create additional visibility, the belt on these stanchions is also 3 inches wide – 50% wider than the standard belt width.

Reflective retractable belt stanchions are ideal for use in parking lots and garages, and in valet parking areas where the light from vehicles’ headlights will reflect off of and illuminate the posts and belts.  They also help establish safer paths at hotel entrances and walkways.  They can also be used to designate line space at outdoor public events or to manage long lines of patrons attending nighttime events at stadiums or arenas.

Author: Eric Mayhue

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