New to the Market: Unique Xtra 3” Wide Retractable Belt

3 inch retractable belt stanchionsTamis Corporation, already known for offering the largest inventory of retractable belt stanchions and accessories, is excited to unveil a new innovation to their stanchion post product offering: 3″ Wide Belt Stanchions. While the typical retractable belt post has a 2″ wide ribbon, Tamis’ new Xtra Queue Stanchions boast a ribbon 50% wider.

Because the surface of the belt is wider, the visibility of the belt from a distance is increased. This makes the 3” wide stanchion belt ideal for displaying logos of events, event sponsors, and retail store logos. Advertising, promotional, directional, and safety messages will have greater impact with these wider belts.

The Xtra Queue Stanchion line is available in all of the popular post finishes including midnight black, satin stainless steel, and polished brass. Tamis is also offering several stock belt options including four solid colors, two striped options, and ten printed messages including “Danger – Keep Out” and “Please Wait Here”.

Belt Stanchion Mock-up Request

Free 3D Mockup

The Tamis Corporation offers free 3D mock-ups of their new Xtra Queue Stanchions, as they do with their steel barrier jackets covers. Any logo, design, or message that is uploaded to the contact form will be generated into a high resolution graphic that illustrates the appearance of the retractable belt stanchions.

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Author: Eric Mayhue

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