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COVID-19 UPDATE: It is business as usual here at The Tamis Corporation.

The Tamis Corporation plays a vital role in certain aspects of the COVID-19 containment.

This involves crowd and line management; e.g. the drive-by testing areas at hospitals and lines around essential retailers like Trader Joes. We are going to do our part to limit the spread.

So we have set up a structure that allows employees to work remotely. This means the main office is shut down to visitors and only a skeleton crew is on hand to maintain the support infrastructure for them.

Working remotely means they are actually working on their office PC with their office phone. Consequently, our customers can still communicate as usual with their specialists to place orders and track shipments.

Fortunately, nearly all suppliers have similar structures in place that allow them to continue to ship orders.

So we want our 40-year customer base to be assured that, from their point of view, it is business as usual.

Stay safe, and remember, we are here to support you.

Murray Bilby
President, The Tamis Corporation


Tamis is an industry leader in the direct sale of products for crowd control, security, traffic safety, sanitation, and exhibition. Established in 1983, we have clients in every state and major city in North America. Where you find groups of people, you’ll find Tamis. The types of clients we generally provide solutions for include, but are not limited to: ​

  • Sports StadiumsTamis Corporation Office Building
  • Arena
  • Amusement Parks
  • Casinos
  • Shopping Malls
  • Hospitals

Tamis is a constantly-evolving, multi-divisional corporation and as such we are always looking for up-and-coming items. We encourage suppliers of related products to contact us regarding new and distinct products that we can incorporate into our sales network.

Experts in Crowd Management Solutions

The origins of the company began by being actively involved with associations to which our customers belonged. At the beginning of the company we belonged to IAAPA (the amusement park association), IAVM (stadiums and arenas), and IAFE (the fairs and exhibitions associations). We subscribe to key publications, such as Pollstar, Venues Today, and In-Tents, all related to the special events industry. The same applies to many of the industries supplied by Tamis.

Seaworld with Metal BarriersOur customers range from convention centers to construction companies to government agencies, mega-churches, power plants, malls, casinos, racetracks, grocery chains and more. We’ve gathered solutions for many situations at entities in all industries. That enables us to offer solutions that have worked for current customers. They might work for you.

By being involved and aware of what’s happening in different industries, Tamis can bring new ideas and concepts to customers. Considering that the products we supply are not consumables, or ordered regularly, customers depend upon us to keep them current of what is most appropriate when the time to order arrives. One of the key benefits to our customers is that Tamis also stays current on changes in the product line of all the wellknown suppliers. We also keep our eyes open to new suppliers.

Tamis is evolving into specialty divisions so we can continue to bring new products related to specific industries.

We know the strengths and weaknesses of the reliable suppliers; the ones who offer quality products at a reasonable price; who can deliver products on time; who can customize products when required; and who offers a fair policy for replacing items.

Equally important, we know those who use deceptive practices such as showing a photo of a high quality product on its website but substituting an inferior knockoff. No one wants to buy inferior products, or be tricked, but it happens. No one likes to spend more money than is necessary to resolve a given situation. Price is not necessarily a good indication of reliability. To avoid the risk of making the mistake of ordering the wrong product, or overpaying for the solution, it is best to engage with your Tamis representative to review and validate the options early in the discovery period.

Everyone has constraints. Maybe it is the timeline, or the budget. No matter, in every case your Tamis representative can come up with solutions correctly addressing the needs you expressed. That is why you should never purchase crowd management products without talking to Tamis. We help you avoid mistakes, even if you decide not to purchase from us.

The majority of our business over the history of the company has been repeat business, or referrals. We are confident that when you have worked with us on 2 or 3 projects, you will become one of those repeat customers who know how to use the benefits available from Tamis.

Tamis Team

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