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Are you buying “Bait and Switch” products?

Are you buying “Bait and Switch” products?

We’ve all heard the old adage “if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.” In the age of online shopping, with hundreds of thousands of websites competing for your business, the saying seems to ring truer than ever. Often times, a company’s website will advertise brand name products for prices much lower than competing sites are offering. However, there is a high probability that this low-priced product is actually a generic, inferior version of the advertised brand name product, made with cheaper materials.

This familiar fraudulent sales technique is commonly known as a “bait and switch” and is easier to get away within the internet era where online consumers do not have the luxury of inspecting the product firsthand before buying it. Some websites are sly about this, using a picture of the brand name product and discreetly writing in the product description that the actual product is “comparable” or “similar to” the pictured brand name product. Other companies blatantly claim to sell brand name products at impossibly low prices while actually selling cheaply made knockoffs. You can prevent this scam by researching competitor pricing, paying close attention to a website’s product description, and even contacting the company and inquiring if this low price is too good to be true. Unfortunately, in most cases, it is.

The Tamis Corporation will never use these techniques to trick our customers into buying inferior products. Instead, Tamis actively works with the customers to ensure that the products they purchase are the best available to meet their needs. We find out first what the end-user is going to use our products for and then offer our expert advice as to which items best suit the job. Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction and the best way to achieve that is to provide the customers with product support, friendly service, timely shipping, and the name brand, high-quality products they requested.

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