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5 Ways to Manage Graduation Crowds

Crowd at Commencement

A commencement ceremony is a time for people to come together to celebrate the triumphs of the graduating class, these ceremonies inevitably increase crowds around campus. Safety and security personnel understand the enhanced need to take precautionary measures for the influx of people during this time. With graduation right around the corner, here are a … Read more5 Ways to Manage Graduation Crowds

LineEx Plastic Barriers for the Gold Medal

Plastic Barriers around a pool

When Olympian Rowdy Gaines reached out for better perimeter control – the Tamis team delivered. Olympian and Vice President of Aquatics for the Central Florida YMCA, Rowdy Gaines, contacted Tamis. The Central Florida YMCA was selected to host the 2018 Pan American Masters Championship. Due to the nature of the event, and the expected number … Read moreLineEx Plastic Barriers for the Gold Medal

Are Your Recycling Habits Garbage?

recycling trash cans

Blue means to recycle, right? It seems simple enough; however, there is a lot of confusion behind how to properly recycle. Studies show these are some of the top reasons people don’t recycle: INCONSISTENT LABELING Standardized labeling on bins make it possible for people to recycle right. However when labeling is inconsistent it causes public … Read moreAre Your Recycling Habits Garbage?