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Tamis Barrier Jackets a Top Selection at the 2015 NFL Draft

Barrier jackets created by the Tamis Corporation were a highly visible presence throughout numerous activities related to the 2015 NFL Draft, which was held April 30 – May 2 in Chicago.
Working with the event production company C3 Presents, Tamis produced 11 different jacket designs for more than 150 barrier jackets that were placed on crowd control barriers utilized in various locations around the “Draft Town” area.

Building Brand Awareness with Barrier Jackets and Outdoor Banners

Barrier jackets, covers which fit over crowd control barriers, are commonly placed in very visible locations, resulting in numerous exposures for any logo appearing on the jackets. Outdoor banners, flag-type displays, are similarly placed in high-traffic areas for the express purpose of attracting exposure to a logo or message. In surveys, patrons frequently have high recall of brands and logos they have been exposed via items such as banners and barrier jackets at major public events.