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High Intensity Reflective Sheeting –  The New Trend in Barrier Signage

High Intensity Reflective Sheeting – The New Trend in Barrier Signage

As many organizations are finding out, an attractive sign is not very effective if it can’t be seen at night. In the past, the majority of signs for steel barriers were simply painted on or manufactured with low-grade reflective sheeting that mainly reflects sunlight. The trouble with these methods is that the signs can be very difficult to see in low light situations. With most major events occurring at night, this can create quite a problem. A problem is easily solved by utilizing high-intensity reflective sheeting.

The Georgia World Congress Center uses High-Intensity Reflective Sheeting on its logo for increased viability. High-intensity reflective sheeting reflects up to 1000 ft;  twice as much than typically used Engineer grade sheeting. Because of how effectively reflects headlights, this type of sheeting is especially popular in areas where a heavy amount of vehicles will be present. Due to this feature, using high-intensity reflective sheeting has become a popular option when selecting signs to attach to steel barriers.

Recently, the Georgia World Congress Center elected to use high-intensity reflective sheeting for the logos they fastened to their steel barricades. The GWCC is the major convention center in the Atlanta area and is host to more than a million visitors each year. With so many visitors coming and going, it was vital for their brand name to be seen by as many eyes as possible. After all, someone who is a visitor today could very well become a host in the future and due to high-intensity sheeting, the Georgia World Congress Center will be prominent in his mind.

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