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Plastic Barriers Add Security to Race Track

The annual Lawn Tractor Race is a highlight of “Horsethief Days,” a festival held every year in the borough of Knox, Pennsylvania.  This year, when the tractors drag race down Main Street, Plastic Jersey barriers, supplied by The Tamis Corporation, will line the street to help keep onlookers safe.

In past years, bales of hay have been placed along the sides of the road as the rider mowers achieve speeds of upwards of 50 miles per hour.  For this year’s race, on August 20th, low-height Plastic Jersey barriers will instead be used.  At a height of only 2 feet (24 inches), these barriers will not block anyone’s view, but they will provide significantly more security in the event that any vehicle veers off course.

Hundreds of spectators line up behind standard snow fence on the sidewalks of Main Street to watch this popular event.  Each of the 26 low plastic barriers that will be placed on the makeshift race course this year weighs 140 pounds, which reduces the risk of any potential injury if a driver makes contact with the barrier.

Plastic Jersey Barriers, available in numerous heights and lengths, are also ideal for blocking off temporary work zones or construction zones. For more information, visit www.plasticjersey.com.

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