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Post-Top LED Signs

Post-Top LED Signs

LED Signs for Queue Line Directions and Messaging

You can build goodwill, and build business, by effectively communicating with your customers while they are in your waiting lines.  A new product, post-top LED signs, dramatically increases your ability to make an impact by enabling you to convey more – and better – messages to patrons in your queue.

These LED signs affix to the top of the posts of your line management system. They provide far more visibility – and flexibility – for your message.  Take advantage of the opportunity to place an electronic message which communicates any of these kinds of information to your customers:LED Post Top Custom Stanchion Signs

  • A friendly greeting such as “Welcome” or “Enter Here”
  • Informational messages such as “Have ID Ready” or an estimate of their estimated wait time
  • Promotional messages such as information on special sales, new products, or future store events

Each electronic sign can store six different messages (up to 250 characters), and messages can be changed with a click of a button on the sign frame. You can also increase a message’s impact by having it scroll or flash, and by adding animated emoticons.

Post-top LED signs are powered by a rechargeable battery, so no external power source is needed.  With a battery life of up to 15 hours, they are likely to last the entire working day.  Software is easy to program so that any employee can key in and change messages in a matter of seconds.

Supplied with a post top adapter, these LED signs will fit on the top of the posts of any major brand of retractable belt barriers.  Sign sizes range from widths of 4 inches to 22 inches, and heights of 1 inch to 4 inches.

Far more effective than traditional signage, post-top LED signs are the most attention-getting way to communicate with your customers while they are in line.



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