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Q-Banner – Create Advertising Display Space in Your Waiting Lines

Q-Banner – Create Advertising Display Space in Your Waiting Lines


Q-Banner Custom Stanchion Banner from The Tamis Corporation

Put an Instant Return on Investment in your Queue Line with Q-Banner!

Within your waiting lines, there is likely a significant amount of open and unused space.  Any site that designates line space by using retractable belt stanchions now has the opportunity to turn the space between stanchions into valuable (and sellable) advertising and branding space.

Q-Banner Rollersigns Belt Stanchion Banners with Vinyl Print for Indoor Use
Q-Banner with Vinyl Printing for Indoor Use

Q-Banners, a newly-introduced product, attach to line management retractable belt stanchions, and feature a printed banner (approximately 5-foot wide by 3-foot high) which is pulled down from a horizontal bar.  These banners can instantly put a high-impact message in front of consumers who are waiting in lines.

Sites can use Q-Banners to promote their own brand, or sell advertising to other organizations.  Thus, Q-Banners can not only pay for themselves, but can also defray the costs of the retractable belt stanchions.  Plus, banners can be printed on both sides, making the message also visible to patrons outside the waiting lines.

Q-Banner Rollersign Custom Queue Line Belt Stanchion Banner with Mesh Printing for Outdoor Use
Q-Banner Custom Stanchion Banners Printed on Mesh for Outdoor Use

Q-Banners consist of a cassette, which can retrofit to any brand of retractable belt stanchions, and the printed banner.  Banners are available in either vinyl or mesh, the latter being ideally suited for outdoor applications.

Q-Banner Advertising Billboard Banners for Retractable Belt Stanchions are Ideal for Selling to Sponsors for Prime Advertising Real Estate in your Queue Line
Q-Banner Makes a Great Tool for Selling Advertising to Sponsors and Partners for an Instant Return on Investment!

For more information on Q-Banners, visit Q-Banner.com.

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