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Safety in the warehouse environment is extremely important. The Tamis® Corporation is well aware of the procedures and precautions that must be taken to ensure the safety of workers on the floor and those coming in and out frequently, as well as all of the structures and products within the warehouse. We offer a wide variety of warehouse products to help keep your warehouse organized, safe and secure.

Security Gates

Our steel folding security gates are used at various sites to secure areas such as hallways, doors, or entranc eways. Sometimes referred to as “scissor gates” or “accordion gates”, these gates give you the ability to close or lock off an area, while maintaining visibility into the area, and air circulation throughout that area.


Guardrails protect equipment and personnel from being impacted by vehicles and forklifts that are navigating your facility. You can reduce your inventory loss and equipment damage, and maximize your floor space with strong, easy to install guardrails.


Tamis Corp’s steel pipe and plastic handrail systems are manufactured from a durable HDPE plastic that is resistant to rusting, chipping, and cracking. This makes for a sturdy, safe, and maintenance free handrail for your warehouse.

Goal Post Rails

Protect your loading dock door with the goal post system from the Tamis Corporation. This is a perfect door guarding solution for distribution centers, clean rooms, cold storage facilities, and large scale warehouses.

Steel Shelving

The shelving where the warehouse inventory is stored is extremely important to the efficiency of your warehouse operation. We supply sturdy, long lasting steel shelving solutions that protect both the items on the shelf as well as the people around them.

Locker Systems

It is important to keep the valuables of the employees working inside the warehouse safe during their shift. Tamis offers heavy duty steel locker systems that provide maximum security and longevity.