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Why Tamis Doesn’t “Match” Competitors’ Barrier Pricing

Why Tamis Doesn’t “Match” Competitors’ Barrier Pricing

Everyone has seen advertisements or watched commercials by companies which boast “if you can find this product at a cheaper price, we’ll match it.”

Over the course of the last 30 years, Blockader has naturally been involved in bidding wars on price. We’ve won some and lost some.

But Blockader has never claimed that it will match any competitors’ price. Why? Often it is because when we see what we’re up against, it is truly a comparison of apples to oranges.

We’ve been in many situations where customer is considering a competitors’ product which is a “crowd control barricade” in name only. But it is so far removed from the quality standards adhered to by Blockader (and, to be fair, a few other long-established companies serving the market) that it’s almost not even the same product.

While we can’t always match a price in a situation such as this, we are confident that we win any “value for your dollar” comparisons hands-down.

We won’t deny that there are lower priced barrier-like products available. But are they lower priced because those companies are more efficient or market-savvy than Blockader? No. They’re lower priced because of cost-cutting which downgrades the quality of the product, often significantly.

For a lower price than Blockader, you can get: lighter steel, uprights that are spot-welded (which will be susceptible to breaking), non-galvanized barriers (which will soon rust), barriers which won’t hook together, and inferior bases which will break off.

We take the other route. We’re all about long-term value, and about providing products that will actually still work for you the fourth or fifth (or two-hundredth) time you want to use them.

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